We are all victims of branded mass-produced clothing; they look spectacular on the shop window, but tight, uncomfortable and irritating when you try them at home. To many people, this is enough of a motivation to consider custom-made clothing. Other than that, a lot of people today are considering custom-made apparel rather than buying off the rack, why?

Custom Fit

The ready-made clothing can fit you, but they were not necessarily meant for your body shape. You may not purchase an oversized garment or something that restrict your movement, but you may not be able to show your body in the most flattering way. That’s the number one reason you should consider custom-made clothing. A professional tailor will adjust the garment to your measurement including, the lapel width, the pleats, tapers, gussets, color share and so much more. This brings out the best in you by highlighting the best part of your body and diverting attention to your problem areas.
If you have already purchased an oversized garment, you may consider alteration services; a tailor will adjust certain aspects such as the length of the sleeve, the ease of the neck or the length of the garment, thus giving you a custom fit.


Quality is never the priority to off-the-rack clothing, that’s the brutal fact. Manufacturers know that those buying their clothes do not necessarily give much attention to what they are wearing, so they always find a way to reduce their cost and this including using low-quality materials among other things. This is an entirely different story with custom-made clothing. The effectiveness of tailoring services depends on quality, so a professional tailor will give it his or her best to make sure you are a return customer. They will give attention to the numbers of stitches per inch depending on the fabric, and they will select a fabric that fits your needs.

Personal style

Ready-made does not bring in your individuality; you buy what your immediate thoughts tell you is right. However, when choosing custom-made clothing, you won’t be limited to the availability. You can select the strips that are best, your color of choice, and the shapes. The ready-made apparels from the trending fashion may go for narrow lapel, but maybe your prefer them wider. A professional tailor will adjust clothing according to your need thus allowing you to make a vintage statement.


Time is one of the primary reason people rarely go shopping. This is reasonable given that shopping for a perfect off the rack apparel requires searching through a pile trying to find the perfect fit. Custom-made clothing saves you time, you only go to a tailor, and instruct him or her how you want your clothing designed.

Are custom-made clothing expensive? Well, as noted, the benefits of the custom-made clothing are enormous. You wouldn’t need to break the bank to have custom-made clothing, but, quality comes at a slightly high cost. If you are looking for custom-made clothing in Jamaica plain ma, Boston MA, you should consider Desings by Rey. With years of offering tailoring services in the area, we guarantee nothing less than giving you a perfect fit at the cheapest rate in town.