When it comes to getting the right custom suit for a specific occasion, not many of us understand the difference between a bespoke and a made to fit measure which is important in helping you get that amazing outfit that will please you. The term Bespoke has been there for a while now in the fashion industry but truth is, not many of the custom suits companies use this term correctly when it comes to differentiating between a made to measure ( MTM) suit and a bespoke suit in menswear. Let us look at some of the difference between these two kinds of suits in menswear.

Patterns of the Garments:-

When you compare between a bespoke wear and an MTM wear for the men, you will realize that they both have different patterns used in making the clothes. With the made to measure wear, they do not have a specific pattern that they follow and this is because clothes here are modified to ensure they fit the range of your measurements in the process introducing a new standardized pattern. Bespoke wear, on the other hand, has a rule when it comes to patterns and in here they create a new pattern for each individual who wears Bespoke clothes. Unlike the MTM, with Bespoke, they will need more than your body measurements to come up with a pattern for you wear.

Fittings During the Creation Process:-

The made to measure wear is a much simpler process that does not need you to go for fittings when they are been made. Once the tailor has taken your measurements for the wear, you will only get one chance for fitting once the wear is created. Having a look at bespoke wear, with them you will require to undertake different fitting sessions that will happen during the creation process of the cloth. Multiple fittings or going through the different stages of fitting in your garment creation is essential to ensure that your body measures were accurately followed giving you a wear that has a more precise fit.

Selection Of Fabric:-

A bespoke wear is believed to be expensive and worth it unlike a made to measure wear and this is influenced based on the fabrics used in making these garments. When it comes to choosing the right fabric that will meet your quality range and price quite as well, the number of mills offered will be highlighted. The number of mills in MTM is low compared to the number of mills in bespoke and this means that bespoke garments have a wide range of fabric options available unlike clothes from made to measure creations.

Creativity in Designs:-

A made to measure wear is supposed to be simple and does not require any explanations when it comes to their different designs. Coming up with a MTM design for the men, there are certain details such as cuffs, style of the pocket and number of buttons that should be on the list for the garment to meet its design requirements unlike with bespoke where you are not limited when it comes to being creative on the designs you can create.