If you need some sprucing up in your rooms, have you looked at your curtains and drapes lately? They might just need our tailor services. That’s right, we offer alterations services even for curtains and drapes.

There is a certain amount that a person can tell about the home owner by looking at their drapes. One can tell if the person pays attention to detail, for one thing. There are so many intricate patterns and looks that can be performed for a curtain and drapes. They can totally transform the entire look of the home.

You might feel that you need some changes in your decor. Just by changing your drapes, you can accomplish this. Whether you are going for a Victorian feel or an ultra modern chic, our services can help you enact your goals for your living space. People often judge the amount of work that a person puts into the home by looking at the curtain and drapes.

At Desings by Rey, we make your ordinary room become extraordinary. You can use tailor services for a multitude of purposes, as you can see here. And we are conveniently located in Jamaica Plain, MA. You need not search the globe high and low for a way to make your drapes and windows stand out. And also, there is no need to hire an expensive interior decorator. You can do it all on your own. That way you can let your friends and family know that you instigated the design renovations for your place. They will be very impressed. And you will also be in awe of our reasonable rates for our services. Affording better window furnishings is much easier than you think. So give us a call and prepare to get the makeover for your rooms that you always dreamed of.