A Black Tie is considered one of the most formal dress codes a decent gentleman requires to have. Therefore it’s important to be equipped. A tailor made, well-fitting and high quality tuxedo, hanging in your wardrobe will avoid panic and last minute rush around rental shops when you receive that invitation. You remain calm knowing that your outfit is set and waiting for you.

Traditionally, a black tuxedo comes in the mind when faced with a black tie event: however, fashion and dress codes have improved in recent years bringing in more variations, and more importantly accepted, within the formal world. If you want to break the usual look of black and white dinner suits, Rey designs will make you a vintage tweed or even a luxurious velvet for your next event.

Well-fitting shoulder is one of the critical parts of fitting a suit. If you feel either tight or too roomy, or even looks odd in a certain suit, then don’t purchase it.

Essentially every suit will need the following basic alterations services.

With a jacket that perfectly fits your shoulders, you’re ready to seek the tailor services. Unless you’re in a higher-end clothing store, shun from your local dry cleaner or in-house department store tailors. Instead, find tailor a local tailor from Jamaica plain ma to Boston Ma with good reviews and whose work is evident. Available in an array of fabrics and colors, you can choose to match your tuxedo to your cummerbund, bow tie set for an eye catching look.