Designs by Rey Wedding Alterations: Perfect in Every Way

Are you in need of a tailor to make alterations on your wedding attire in Jamaica Plain MA and the greater Boston area? Well, your search will definitely end with us. Designs by Rey is the one stop shop for all types of wedding alterations.

Our skills are second to none and we work on every task with ultimate professionalism to deliver high-end, better fitting clothing items that will have you feeling all posh and glamorous on your big day.

Rey’s Designs Deliver Superb Results at an Unbeatable Price

There are, indeed, numerous tailor services in Boston you could choose for the wedding alterations you need. By choosing us, however, you will be guaranteed perfect work. Having been in the industry for decades, our experience is second to none. With our service, all your tailoring and alteration needs across Jamaican plain MA, and greater Boston will be fulfilled adequately.

We possess unrivalled proficiency in silk, lace, detailed beadwork, silk, Swarovski crystals and everything in-between. As a reputable tailoring service with decades-worth of wedding alterations under the belt, you will truly feel special after we are done with your formal wear alterations order.

Alterations on a Deadline? Worry Not.

Wedding alterations may have a deadline extending weeks, to at times, months. With Rey’s designs, you can be assured that the end result will always be worthy of a red carpet. For the best results, it is always advised not to rush into things and a patient client is preferable. However, ever so often, the need for emergency services arise.

If you are in need of such an express tailoring service to fix your apparel as you wait then call on us. We shall provide you a same-day service to ensure perfection is maintained on your big day.

What to Expect from our Alterations Service

A personalized touch with a service that is comprehensive is our main goal with every client. As such, we work with each client to understand their preferences with every dress. Professionalism is, also, a trait that we strive to embody. Accordingly, we’re always trying to improve our service quality by providing a great alterations service that is always delivers promptly.

Some of the exceptional services we provide include:

Shoulder Alteration

Great expertise is needed when making alterations to the shoulder area as a wrong move can alter the entire look and fit of the garment. Worse still, most tailor services will get the part wrong when making your attire. As such, this is one of the most common areas that need alterations to have the dress fit perfectly.

By choosing Designs by Rey, you will rest easy with the assurance that your work shall be handled by an expert. This is particularly important when making alterations to men’s suits when you need the coats to fit like a glove and bring out the gents best features.

Shortening the A-line

Here is another tricky aspect that we encounter while doing wedding alterations. With a straight skirt, tapering would be a simple enough task. However, the difficulty level increases significantly when working with an A-line outfit or a flared one. One needs an expert hand to ensure the line slope is perfect. Anything less and the skirt or dress will look ‘off.’

With a more flared silhouette, the same norm continues. Shortening is a simple procedure when dealing with straight skirts and dresses. When shortening a flared dress or skirt by more than 2 inches, however, things get trickier. Only an expert hand can maintain the design you envisioned after the alteration. Design by Rey is the tailoring service to choose when facing such tailoring need.

Modifying the Neckline

Raising and dropping of necklines are often a straight-forward procedure. The procedure gets complicated, though, when the alterations involve sleeves removal – possibly temporarily to raise the shoulder line – before you re-sew them.

The above is a costly venture and to guarantee the results with every wedding alteration you need an expert hand. At Design by Rey, we have enough expertise to give you perfect results every time.

So don’t settle for I’ll fitting clothes on your special occasion. Weddings are a time to look spectacular and with our tailoring service, we shall ensure you do exactly that. It does not matter how close to the wedding you are. Get in-touch today and we shall make you and your bridal team truly shine on your big day.