Weddings are one of the most exciting occasions in life, but finding the right outfits can be a challenge. At Designs by Rey located in Jamaica Plaine, MA, we have your wedding needs in mind year-round. Keep reading to learn about some of the top tips to make sure the bridal party looks picture-perfect look for the big day.

1. Consider the budget.
Keep cost in mind when choosing wedding party outfits. Bridesmaid dresses are notorious a one-time occasion item, so cost per wear is already high. Shelling out hundreds on the dress might put out the bridesmaids. When it comes to less expensive options, keep in mind that small tweaks can pull an outfit together beautifully. Take advantage of our tailor services and alteration services to transform more affordable options into a custom lux look.

2. Consider the season.
When a wedding party’s look is contrary to the season, it can be visually jarring. Although the wedding party’s outfits do not need to be obviously connect to a season, there are several ways to make the fit natural. Color palettes, fabric types, sleeve lengths, and dress lengths can all contribute to creating an organic look.

3. Consider the body types of the bridesmaids.
Bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being tacky. Much of this faux pas can be avoided by referencing the body shapes, types, and sizes of the bridal party. Apple, pear, rectangle, banana, hourglass, tall, petite, plus, juniors, or maternity, no matter what body a bridesmaid is rocking, the bridesmaid dress should work. It can be trick to find a cut of dress that can flatter everyone. Remember that tailoring bridesmaid dresses is one of our specialties. Work with us to create dresses that will hang beautifully on the body.

4. Consider the attire of the bride and groom and the wedding’s overall aesthetic.
For a cohesive wedding, make sure that the wedding party—from bridesmaids to groomsmen to bride and to groom—have some relationship between them style wise. Choosing similar fabric weights, coordinating colors, and using similar accent textures can pull a party’s aesthetic together. Also, look to decor for inspiration. An outdoorsy venue with natural elements will go well with bohemian styles, whereas a church venue with traditional elements will often suit formal styles. At the end of the day, the wedding party should look like the go together. There are many ways to achieve this goal in terms of style.